Music heals our hearts



Message from Masako

Dear Families and Friend,

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our studio is currently closed; however, we have launched online music lessons for current and new students, and I want to share with you my experience on the benefits of online classes.

*Enhanced focus and concentration: Students listen, watch, and play more diligently than in an in-person class since they need to focus on vocal and visual instructions from the teachers and are less distracted. They ask more questions and therefore progress more quickly.

*Rapid progress: Many students are advancing in their instrument more quickly because they are practicing more. As one student said, "I have more time than usual and I really enjoy playing the piano during my free time."

* Improved relationships: I asked one of the parents to sit with their young child during class. Younger students learn better with guidance and help from their parent and parents find joy and enjoyment in learning a new instrument together.

*Convenience: Parents mentioned that it is very convenient that they do not need to drive their kids to the studio-they just have to prepare the video device. Some also said that they can hear which songs their kids are learning without even sitting in the class, and are glad to see their children's progress.

I strongly believe that "Music Heals Our Hearts". I hope everyone can find joy in playing music and reduce their stress during this uncertain and difficult time.

In addition to serving our current families with online instruction, we are continuing to accept new students. Please call or email us.

Stay Healthy and Safe!

Masako Yamamoto



    We are not offering group classes due to Corona virus, but we expect to start the classes as the situation improves. Please send a message if you have any questions.

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  • Online Private Lessons (No Registration Fee Now)
  •   Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar (Ages 5 and up)

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Keyboard & Singing

Masakoʼs Music Studio offers a sequential and comprehensive curriculum for the musical development of students from age 3. Each class sets a developmentally appropriate goal and includes a variety of musical activities. All group classes are effective, educational, and enjoyable.

Group Keyboard for beginners
Music in Me (Ages 3-4)
Harmony Road (Age 4.5-6)
Piano Adventure (Age 7-10)
Group Keyboard for non-beginners
Joyful Keyboard (Ages 5-10)
Group Singing
Do, Re, Mi Singers (ages 3-5)
Young Singers (Age 5-9)
Star Singers (Ages 9 & up)


Private lessons are offered for ages five (for piano, violin, & voice) or eight (for guitar, & flute) through adults of all levels and is catered to meet each studentʼs needs and level of playing. Private lessons provide students with the opportunity to learn practice strategies, develop technical skills, improve musicianship, and gain a repertoire of knowledge and appreciation. However, our studioʼs main goals are to enrich studentsʼ lives with music, to help them become independent performers, and to nurture a lifelong love of music. Repertoires include not only classical, but also childrenʼs songs, folk songs, jazz and popular music that are suitable for the students. Students have opportunities to perform three times a year (two mini concerts held at our studio and one annual recital at community location). Students can start private lessons anytime during the year.