Music heals our hearts



Message from Masako

Dear Families and Friend,

Currently, we are offering both private lessons and group lessons at our studio. All group lessons are offered at the Newark studio only. For private lessons, you have the option to choose between onsite or online lessons. We are still very cautious about the risk of Covid infection, and would like you to read the Reopening Guideline (Update) before visiting the studio. I strongly believe that "Music Heals Our Hearts". I hope everyone can find joy in playing music and reduce their stress during this uncertain time. Stay Healthy and Safe!

Masako Yamamoto



    We are offering both onsite and online private lessons. We offer group classes at Newark studio. Please send a message if you have any questions.

  • 2024 Fall Group Classes
      Registration for 2024 Fall Group Classes is available now.

      Group Keyboard 1 for for Beginners (Ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-9)
      Group Keyboard 2 for Non-Beginners after completing Group Keyboard 1 in May (Ages 5-7, 7-10)
      Group Singing (Ages 5-11, Ages 12-adults)

  •   Any Questions:


  • Private Lessons (Onsite or Online)
  •   Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet (Ages 5 and up)

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Masakoʼs Music Studio offers a sequential and comprehensive curriculum for the musical development of students from age 3. Each class sets a developmentally appropriate goal and includes a variety of musical activities. All group classes are effective, educational, and enjoyable.

Group Keyboard for beginners
Music in Me (Ages 3-4)
My First Piano Adventure (Age 5-6)
Piano Adventure (Age 7-9)

Group Keyboard for non-beginners
My First Piano Adventure 2 (Ages 5-7)
Piano Adventure 2 (Ages 7-10)

Group Singing (This class will be offered sometime during the year, not every semester)
Do, Re, Mi Singers (ages 3-5)
Young Singers (Age 5-10)


Unlock your musical potential with our private lessons, individually tailored for ages five (piano, violin, & voice) or eight (guitar, clarinet, saxophone) through adults of all levels. Our experienced instructors personalize each lesson to meet the unique needs and playing level of every student.

In private lessons, students will:
-Learn effective practice strategies
-Develop technical proficiency
-Enhance musicianship skills
-Build a diverse repertoire of musical knowledge and appreciation

While classical pieces from the foundation, Our repertoire spans childrenʼs songs, folk melodies, and popular music, ensuring a well-rounded musical education. Our studioʼs mission goes beyond skill development; we aim to enrich studentsʼ lives, foster independence in performance, and instill a lifelong love of music.

Students have frequent chances to display their skills through biannual recitals held at community venue. Whether youʼre starting your musical journey or seeking to refine your skills, private lessons at Masakoʼs Music Studio can be initiated at any time throughout the year. Experience the joy of music with us, where education meets enjoyment, and every note resonates with growth and passion.